Why Did Humanity Stop Landing on the Moon? Is There Another Race On It?

Ah, why did forest humans land on the Moon?

In the past decades, Nasa Snow Skin has encountered aliens that have stirred the curiosity of thousands of experts in this field.

In history, there have been people who have imprinted their footprints on the Golden Moon, pulling their desire to conquer space.

But since Apollo 17, Natasha no longer performs any mission to send people to the Moon.

The reason is why?

I welcome you and your friends and dear friends.

From May 1961 to December 1972, the 6th Moon synchronisation, successfully ending the Ai program took approximately 11 years and cost US$25.5 billion, including 11 missions using magnetic Apollo 7 spacecraft to Apollo 17 spacecraft.

But since Apple’s plane successfully landed on the Moon and returned to Earth in 1972, the US has stopped planning to land on the Moon.

Since then, humans have never set foot on the Moon again.

Moreover, other countries besides the UK have also stopped planning to land on the Moon. The last landing of the Apple project on the upper lip started in September 1962, US President Token What is that?

Announced plans to put humans on the Moon first.

Our father chose to go to the Moon this decade and choose to do other things not because they are easy, but on the contrary because they are difficult.

But only then can we organize and evaluate the strength and skills we possess.

We are ready to meet, not delay, this challenge.

We will surely overcome every Trial and Victory just like any other.

And as promised, the first man, an American, landed on the Moon in 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission.

However, Apollo 17 completed its return to Earth in December 1972, the chapter 6 mission to rescue the last mission to the moon of Project Avalo.

It became the last public record.

Someone put their foot on the barrier.

This begs the question: If what humanity knows about the Moon is still very much coming, Why did the United States stop the program to land on the Moon according to the US government? The Moon is Due to Financial Constraints argument is not convincing to many people these days.

However, the real reason may be more startling: alien life.

During Polo’s mission to the Moon in 1969, there was a 2 minute break in radio transmissions after landing. This is no coincidence as the information during these two minutes was actually hidden from the public. .

According to David Gest, an IELTS anomaly author, Coffee appears to have talked about seeing + alien objects on the moon, including a flying saucer headed along the center of a mouth. volcanoes in their sight.

So is it correct?

The public still doesn’t really know whether Vanessa is still unaffected or denies the claim of illness. Later during Apollo 15’s landing on the Moon, Earth-based audio recorders picked up a sound resembling a whistle. very long.

When the pitch of this sound changes.

A phrase consisting of 20 syllables emerges and is repeated many times.

As reported by the Huffington Post on February 20, 2016.

Several secret files were later recreated connecting the Apollo 10 astronauts’ meeting during their return to Earth.

According to the undeciphered record of being far away, the sound heard from the forest space seemed to come from another world.

The astronauts repeatedly asserted in the recorded conversation that the sound system was something they had never heard up here.

It’s like music from outer space, without any whistles.

It is definitely a kind of sound.

What is Strange?

There have been no comments on this yet.

Detecting Strange Structures on the Moon Before Preparing to Fly to the Moon, Nasa launched five small spacecraft to capture its entire shape and appearance including its backside.

These are all state secrets, so the photos taken must be sent back to the US National Security Agency first and then sent away back to 1965.

At that time, in the US National Security Agency, there was a secret research round of former Air Force sergeant Tien who was working in this laboratory.

He is in charge of repairing and maintaining precision instruments such as lenses and so on.

One day, his top boss asked him to report to the national security agency for help solving the first lunar orbit mission because of equipment problems during image processing, so Quoc went to the General Department of National Security.

When he got there, he was surprised to see so many foreigners in plainclothes appearing in the section of a large hangar-style construction facility with an interpreter, then a second-class pilot of the air force. troops in a dark room.

Toan said to him: By the way.

I want to tell you that we have discovered a base on the back of the front.

What’s with the confusion?

What do you mean?

The pilot showed him a composite photograph of multiple indigo images of the front orbits.

He then erased Vincenne on the photo.

At this point, the image shows some geometrical architecture.

There are buildings, spherical buildings, some very high, looking a bit like a radar antenna but the structure is extremely large.

Because Quoc revealed to the public the evidence from the photograph of aliens on the Moon that he saw, so he became famous, but also many people did not believe what he said was true. and the government side has never released any information about this?


Why don’t people go back to the Moon?

A man looking for Papain can answer this question.

He should be a retired lieutenant colonel with 28 years of service in the US Central Army, he gave some interesting presentations that provided a wealth of information to the public.

Not only about the Moon landings, the Apollo missions and beyond, many questionable issues have arisen in the past.

At the Celtic Barcelona Summit on July 25, 2009, Mr. Crazy published a very special photo.

He also explains with Nasa missions or logos things that astronauts encounter all the time.

It is unlike any previous statement on the matter.

During the conference, Mr. Tin provided a series of images of the astronauts belonging to Elovi often being surrounded, including images of mysterious spaceships up to hundreds of meters in size.

In his solo speech, Mr. Dien also told of an event that happened on February 2, 1961.

When it was about to begin in an unknown fleet of cards that suddenly appeared on the 2nd of February 1961, this 93 impending split appeared with a large amount of circular fabric. by metal.

They fly in clear formation.

They are controlled with intelligent beings.

He continued, it is difficult to fly from the area of SAJ, of showbiz to the United States at extremely high speed, with a turn north of the strait.

By the way, to a region that made Britain, Great Britain and then disappeared from NATO radar screens as it passed through Norwegian waters.

The Soviet Union alerted the forces that were labor groups.

All your friends over there, fingers are already on red pens and an extra 9 pounds is only a few minutes away.

He intends to return.

In 20 minutes, it’s all over.

The objects you silently pointed north and disappeared from the radar screen.

Immediately after this event, an in-depth study was carried out.

We administrative discipline experts and humanity have been studied and observed by extraterrestrials for hundreds and thousands of years.

Well, since 1964, experts say there are about 4 different aliens coming to survey, closely monitoring what we are doing, what we are aiming for.

Experts also say that the aliens are not a military threat because of the appearances.

They always possess much more advanced technology than us.

If they really want to invade, there’s nothing we can do.

And they could have done that a long time ago.

Mad’s 1961 story was a solid basis for the evidence he gave later about a mysterious alien base on the Moon because it was an ideal location to observe the Earth from afar. Radiation has not yet made direct survey trips to Earth.

Here are pictures that show that the Moon is actually a busier place than we thought.

As you can see on the screen is an image of Apple 12, an astronaut has captured a mysterious object in the orbit of the moon, and this guy is like Trang after being tortured, looking out the door. window and saw the cigar-shaped object 7 through the window of the spaceship following the temple.

This is a mysterious disc-shaped object hundreds of meters in diameter.

It suddenly appeared when the astronauts were moving on the surface of the Moon.

2 The next image taken by the Apple astronauts as they passed through the area is the Lance Bass crater.

Mr. D said experts on the face that special attention to the crater should be less.

They were specially assigned to take pictures here because it contained quite a lot of anomalies.

There are constructions of huge bases inside the volcano.

While the astronaut level was observing the crater, a man-made object came from there.

Now it looks pretty big as it flies past our Apollo probe.

You should continue to provide evidence from the Apollo 13 mission.

Europe said some objects appeared outside the spacecraft’s windows and that astronauts with Heart-shaped cameras took pictures.

Well, they haven’t seen three different objects wandering through space.

Another image of Apollo 13’s encounter with the recorded UFO is provided.

The person with the Celestial Eye appears.

Except for that, there was another person who could confirm Word’s words to be extremely believable.

This person is In Gaul, who participated in the secret constellation plan of the US, the special ability that was once popular in China.

For Chinese who were interested in the practice of signing in the 1980s, the special function was not strange at all, but it was eventually illegally suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party similar to the Revolution. Culture.

However, in the United States, special functions are highly appreciated by security agencies or agencies.

After the United States ended its plans to land on the Moon in 1972, they continued to explore the Moon and started a project called the Remote Viewing Experiment.

The American and British Central Intelligence Agency also began to recruit people with this superpower. It is known that In Goldsun has the superpower of Thien Ly Eyes that can see thousands of miles away, which is the third eye that we often call. is Thien Nhan.

In February 1975, 1,000 self-proclaimed government officials arrived from Washington with Tham Swan and invited him to join a Top Secret Mission.

A month later, he received a call to meet at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

When Xoan arrived at the museum, a man waved his hand to invite him to get in the car.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at a Mysterious location, and Hoa waited until a helicopter arrived.

Composing politely asked to wear his eyes before they put the picture on the helicopter, Soan Wearing a blindfold, he felt that he had reached an underground base by elevator.

When the missing towel was further down, he was standing in a room.

A man claiming to be Professor Exilis walked up to the mango and introduced the entire mission.

The man who accompanied Xoan with him that the Atlas parish was just a secret, not the real names of the editors, expressed great interest in this mission.

The Oslo-based teacher asked the Companion to observe the front through midfield, Longan Mango entered a state of thought like Cui Vien and began to describe.

He saw the back of the moon.

There seem to be some structures and objects with very clear glass domes.

Then his consciousness slowly entered through the tower.

At this time, my professor noticed that Xoan was sweating cold, so he quickly woke him up and hurriedly asked him what did he see?

Because I was woken up so suddenly, I wrote the application for a while and then woke up completely.

He did not answer the Oslo-based spear’s question, but asked if there was a human colony on the Moon.

The parish of Oslo looked at him in surprise but did not answer the same question.

This time Professor Axelo Answer: What if there is no?

Eating Mango says that he has seen some creatures.

Human-like shape.

These anthropomorphic creatures stopped as well as realizing that someone was watching them.

Besides, I try to find you in there but I feel a little scared.

However, they are most likely not human either.

This was not the first time he had been invited on such an exploratory mission.

As early as April 27, 1973, compose was invited by CII to participate in a remote observation test.

At that time, the Apollo spacecraft’s Moon landing treatment was over.

Yes, to continue exploring the Moon, AAA has selected a first-class research team of research, production, research and development of special functions.

The person in charge of the project is a PhD student and he is very active and the engineer Hero Passif in Goldsun district is their first test subject.

Yes, it must have been through hundreds of tests or visits to the shop to confirm that Xoan can draw a map based only on the geographical coordinates of the place he wants to observe.

At 6 p.m. that day, Xoan took only 3 minutes to see Jupiter.

He also said that he had seen a Halo around Jupiter.

Imaging data confirm that after one, there was indeed a halo around which was orbited by the Jupiter probe spacecraft as ten images sent back to Earth in November 1973.

The radiomagnetic observation experiment took place on April 27, 1973.

This point is to say that previously the leading scientists in the world and astronomers did not know that Jupiter is surrounded by a halo and that the oval was the first to discover the rings of Jupiter. .

Regarding the condition of Jupiter’s visible diamond and the data the spacecraft must be in, the transmissions back to Earth are exactly the same.

Everyone knows Jupiter is 640 million km from Earth, so Xoan’s ability to see far is impossible to flag.

After that, Xoan was invited many times.

As Observation of the Further Planets, it is thus possible to see that the view of the back of the Moon as seen in 1975 is fully corroborated and the photographs of the rear of the Front seen by Cuong in 1965 it’s real.

In fact, in July 1969, American astronaut Athlon was in the orbit of the Moon.

When he was communicating with the command center codenamed Hilton, he suddenly said: Oh, oh, my God.

These things are amazingly large, it’s impossible to find.

I want to tell you that there are other spacecraft here, they’re lined up on the other side of the crater and they’re on the moon.

They are staring at us.

Then the radio signal was suddenly interrupted.

The forms Armstrong saw were fully compatible with what Xoan saw.

The tree used the ability to see radiation and the pictures taken by the Lunar Probe that have been seen here a few pages before are the reasons why mankind abandoned the plan to land on the Moon.

Only when seeing as Oppo is living on the Moon, when astronauts in particular as well as humanity in general, will they give up their intention to come here to explore and develop many projects.

And indeed, there are many mysteries in this group that humans cannot discover and are not allowed to visit.

Chi is someone who has seen many strange things spent.

Like many supernatural things, however, the governments of many countries deliberately hide it.

Is it because they are afraid to lead them to panic and because in order to glorify God’s theory, it rejects all that is beyond the understanding of science.

If you have any thoughts on this topic, please leave a comment below so that Minh steps in everyone already knows.

Thank you for watching and now Hello and see you in the next videos.

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