Top 20 Most Powerful And Impressive Industrial Machines Ever Made


Welcome to mighty machines, your one-stop shop for every kind of incredible machine you can imagine. Today we’ll be looking at the top 20 most impressive industrial machines ever made.

RBS Sleeper Changer | RF-SYSTEM

At number 20 is a device for replacing the ties on a railroad. Railroad ties are those struts that lay perpendicular to the rail which supports the entire railroad itself.

In order to actually plant these into the ground, a specialized tool which can cut into the rock, removes the old tie and finally place the new one where needed.

Road Printer RP SYSTEMS

Our next machine is the road printer from Rp systems. This is basically a device that allows the builders to lay out their designs in a much more efficient manner by replacing the traditional blueprints.

The rode printers have greatly benefited its users.

T1255 Vermeer Terrain Leveler

Next up, at number 18, we have the vermeer terrain leveler. This heavy duty machine cuts into the earth from a modified tractor and removes the upper layer of soil, flattening out the terrain.

A jagged digging head is used to do so.

CT718 Vermeer Compost Turner

At number 17, we have the vermeer compost turner. As composting occurs, it is best to turn the compost in order to expose new dirt to the air to hasten the process.

This machine does just that with a spinning set of tilling arms.


For number 16 on our list, we have a soil cutter. These cutters are generally utilized at construction sites since they have dual opposed spinning heads. The muddy soil is ground up and moved to the surface, preparing a hole for piping, foundations or other structures.

After the hole is dug, they’ll lower an i-beam to support the final structure.


Number 15 on our list is the chem rock cutter wheel. Shown in a number of different applications, this flexible instrument may be used to create the foundation for a variety of projects, from underground pipes to road repairs.

The instrument quickly and effectively cuts through a wide range of materials.


At number 14, we have the Roba 500 snow blower. This vehicle comes with a large and powerful snow blower at the front for making quick work of cutting snow.

This is especially useful at places such as snow resorts, where the small paths need to be cleared of snow for pedestrian travel.


Up next at number 13, we have the liebherr reach stacker. This machine quickly handles the transport and handling of shipping containers at a shipyard. It’s able to easily reach the tops of stacks of shipping containers and even behind the containers directly in front of it, making the removal of these containers fast and simple.

It can take these containers and offload them onto truck trailers or train beds for long distance transport.


So at number 12 we have the chip spreader from Vimpo. This machine is used to lay gravel on top of freshly laid tar for roadways. It receives gravel from a truck bed and distributes it to the front using a unique feeding mechanism.

This procedure is part of road maintenance in some regions, though it’s not employed in every country.


For our 11th machine we have the tesmec bucket wheel digging machine. The name truly fits a product with what is a wheel of bucket scoops that cut the soil and dispense it out the side. This is effective at rapid and precise trench creation in soft to moderately hard soils and comes in a variety of different forms.


So at number 10 we have the kobelco demolition device. During the destruction of a structure, this equipment uses a sophisticated hydraulic cloth cut through steel and concrete.

When compared to disassembly by hand, this set of pincers can pull apart a building piece by piece, making construction removal a snap. Just make sure you don’t get a parent’s arm hooked in there.


Our ninth machine is the drum cutter by epico. The spinning set of teeth makes quick work of hard clay, rock and concrete, which is turned to easy to remove debris.

It’s useful in applications from the preparation of lands for projects to demolition, making it useful at a multitude of sites.


So in eighth place on our list is a diamond mower: stump grinder. When a tree is cut down or is broken down from harsh weather or otherwise, having rotten and fallen, a stump of course remains.

Stumps not only take away from the aesthetics of a space but can get in the way of buildings and even planting new trees. Thus a stump remover like this one can be employed. It eases the spinning saw with specialized teeth in a similar way to some of the other machines that we’ve seen on this list, cutting away the material to completely remove the offender.


In seventh place we have the fent ideal combine. This combine is the modern approach to large-scale rapid harvesting of a field of hay or wheat. It quickly moves over a field and collects all the grains and dispenses them from a chute out the side.

It’s quick and clean, leaving nothing behind.


So so our next machine is the raptor mulcher from Printoff. This equipment converts plant debris into nutrient-rich, easy to work with mulch. It can also remove stumps and even cut down young trees that are in the way.

This is a fantastic tool for clearing terrain.


At number five, we have the Colemar rail shearing machine. This device uses hydraulic shears to cut railroad tracks into correct lengths.

Incredibly powerful clamps use sheer cutting force to essentially snap any piece of track into.


At number four, we have the Ponzi harvester collecting wood on a tree farm.

This machine is an all-in-one device working to not only cut down the tree but shave its branches, cut it into logs and prepare it in stacks. It’s a collection of chainsaws and wheels that makes quick work of a target tree.


At number three, we have the eagle mine- dynamic compaction from the menard group. A crude yet effective device. It works to compact loose soil with a crane and weight setup.

It drops directly on top of the soil after lifting it dozens of feet into the air. Not too many moving parts, except for the large weight compressing the soil.


At number two, we have a truly incredible piece of mining machinery: the Pnh 4100 mining shovel. Here it can be seen cutting out several tons of rock and dumping them onto an even larger dump truck to be taken offsite and processed.

It is a heavy duty process and at this scale, takes humongous pieces of machinery weighing several hundred tons apiece.


Finally, and number one of our list of the 20 most incredible industrial machines from around the world: the bucket wheel excavator. This and croup. You can get a sense of the enormity of this beast by looking at the catwalks on it: it’s almost 800 feet long, 240 meters long, with a capacity of 13 500 tons.

This commercial mining gear, regardless of size, makes rapid work of mineral-rich piles of soil and rock. All of this is contained in a package that can be easily transported across a mining site. This might help you give a sense of scale. Just look at the cabin of the excavator, where the operator sits, and you can see how that spinning wheel compares to a person.


So so thanks for watching this episode of mighty machines. If you have any ideas to what you would like to see next, make sure to leave a comment and we’ll try to include it for you next time. If you enjoyed the video, make sure to leave it a like and subscribe to the channel. It means a lot to us and with that, we’ll see you next time.

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