The Strangest And Mysterious Things Ever Found At The Bottom Of The Sea.

Hello friends ! The ocean world always contains mysteries that modern science and technology are difficult to find the solution to. According to scientists and archaeologists, despite being equipped with a lot of modern facilities, equipment and technology, they have only explored 5% of the underwater world.

This means that beneath the deep ocean are strange things that can surpass the distant imagination of people. People have found countless Treasures, treasures worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars or shipwrecks, ancient ruins buried for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that many people say that the undersea world is as mysterious as the universe, all spaces that humans have not been able to set foot in.

In this video, let’s discover what people have found at the bottom of the sea! To prevent contributing to raising the awareness of locals and tourists, and to restore the developing marine ecosystem destroyed in the Isla Mujeres region, the Cancun city government has built an underwater museum with over 400 life-size sculptures by artist Jason Taylor.

The statues are located in the waters off Isla Mujeres at a depth of about 20 – 30 meters. Visitors can completely free-diving or use diving suits to admire the beauty of the museum. The statues are depicted according to different themes, shapes, postures and expressions to ensure that visitors will have a unique experience. The Antikythera machine, also known as the world’s first astronomical computer, was born between 205 and 100 BC and is currently on display at the Archaeological Museum in Athens. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is the one who launched the journey to find the missing parts of the Apollo 11 spacecraft that was launched into space to carry out the historic Moon mission in 1969.

In early 2015, the Bezos diving team discovered and recovered the F1 booster rocket engine that fell into the sea after separating from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Although it was found at the beginning of the year, it was not until the end of 2013. This engine has just been confirmed to be the F1 booster of the Apollo 11 spacecraft due to the identification signs that have been seriously corroded by sea water for decades lying on the seabed.

Nearly 300 years at the bottom of the ocean, the cannon of the infamous Blackbeard pirates, a nightmare pirate group that once roamed the western Indian Ocean, the eastern Americas, and the Caribbean. -calves were salvaged in 1996. Accompanied by 31 cannons of different sizes, of which the largest weighs more than 1,360 kg and more than 250,000 artifacts are located on the Queen Anne’s Revenge ship. The cause of the shipwreck is believed to have run aground in North Carolina waters in 1718.

Jay Miscovish, a treasure hunter diver living in Key West, Florida, has finally found the spoils of his life with millions of dollars worth of treasure, the US has more than 10,000 emeralds at a depth of more than 21 meters. in the waters of the Gulf of Florida.

Currently, the origin and owner of the above gems is still a mystery. More than 61 tons of silver worth US$36 million have been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean in the Gairsoppa – a 130m-long steel cargo ship that was sunk on February 17, 1941 after being torpedoed by a US warship. Nazi Germany.

The ship, which sank 300 miles deep off the coast of Ireland, was once thought to be lost forever. As of the summer of 2012, Mark Gordon, president and chief executive officer of Odyssey Marine Exploration, an archeology and wreck recovery company, confirmed that about 20% of the 240 tons of silver had been recovered.

In 2012, a Swedish treasure-hunting diving team shocked the world when they announced what could be said to be the biggest discovery of their scuba diving life: a strange UFO-like object. was suddenly found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.This shocking discovery stems from a scuba diving trip to find the wreck of a wine ship that was sunk by the German Navy during World War I at a depth of about 90 meters below the sea surface.

In the process of searching for precious champagne in the wreck of the shipwreck, the expedition team was amazed when the probe results from the sonar device showed that just below this sea was the existence of a strange object. has the same structure as a flying saucer with a diameter of more than 60m.

After reviewing the transmitted images, divers and experts likened this strange object’s shape to the famous Millennium Falcon ship in the movie “Star Wars”. However, besides that, there are also many opinions that this is simply a stone block or an artificial structure. Whether it’s a UFO, ruins or an old weapon of the Nazi regime, this mysterious object still attracts the attention of many people not only because of its structure different from most of the rocks on the seabed, but the strangest point of this object is also its ability to lose the signal of all devices that come close to it within 200 m and only work again when leaving.

What made this “stone” do that?? Is this really a UFO from some distant planet in space, where humanity has never known? Also here, in 1980, local diver Kihachiro Aratake discovered a monolithic pyramidal structure with many vertical stone pillars, ancient structures and shaped rocks. strange surface with a rough surface like a human statue lying on the seabed near the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

This underwater structure was later confirmed by scientists to be the Yonaguni Memorial dating back about 8000 years. Located off the coast of the Bahamas, the seabed north of Bimini exists a strange structure also known as the “Bimini Road”. each other according to a certain rule and stretch into a straight path or like the traces of chisels, holes, and ropes left on the surface of the stone slabs… Bimini stone road was determined to have formed about a few years ago. 10,000 years BC, but until now no one knows the exact role of this mysterious work.
Although not found in the sea, this find is still special enough. So that it cannot be absent from the list.

Mark Holley, a professor of archeology and his friend Brian Abbott found something strange in the bed of Lake Michigan using a sonar device. When they got closer, they realized that these were stone pillars that were lined up with equal distances, as if someone had arranged them by hand. This discovery makes many people immediately think of similar rocks in England and France.

Continuing to dive deep into Lake Michigan, they were surprised to find a mysterious rock engraved with a drawing of a mastodon, some details of a modern car in addition to some other strange drawings. . The discovery of this painting also means that it must have been carved when mastodons were not extinct. But how did ancient people know about today’s modern cars millions of years ago and then carve them into the rocks?

This discovery, unprecedented in oceanographic history, was found in 2007 by a team of scientists off the coast of Santa Barbara. This asphalt pellet is the result of oil spills combined with thousands of years of sedimentation on the sea floor. With thousands of years old, it is not difficult to understand when this is still the “home” of many species of sea creatures, it even contains fossil bones of prehistoric animals.

After the fateful day of July 9, 1545, the famous ship Mary Rose was salvaged by the Mary Rose Museum in 1982. The most modern battleship of the Royal Navy at that time was sunk in the North Sea of the Isle of Wight in the battle of 1545, killing more than 500 people while King Henry led his artillery to attack the French fleet. The project to salvage this legendary ship is, according to the Mary Rose Museum in the English city of Portsmouth, the most complex archaeological project in history. Currently, the museum has successfully restored and is displaying the Mary Rose ship and many other artifacts after hundreds of years of being sunk on the seabed.

After 1600 years of sinking under the coast of Alexandria in the waters of Aboukir Bay, French scientists finally discovered the magnificent and magnificent palace of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra in 1998. Queen, divers have found thousands of historical artifacts, including many sphinxes, many large granite architectural structures from the temple… Surprisingly, all the artifacts were found near preserved in near-perfect condition over thousands of years. With UNESCO’s backing, the city government of Alexandria intends to turn it into the world’s first underground museum through underwater tunnels built of fiberglass that allow visitors to see These unique structures can be clearly seen in the underwater environment.

At Tiandao Lake located in Zhejiang province, China, exists a 1,300-year-old city called Shicheng at the bottom of the lake, known as the Atlantic of the East. The Lion City – or the Lion City – was built at the foot of the Wu Su mountain, during the Eastern Han period. This work is named “Lion City” because there is Ngu Su mountain located right behind the city. Su Thanh has 5 gates, each gate has a large tower with an area equivalent to 62 football fields. Before being submerged under water, Su Thanh had 6 main roads built of stone that were used to connect every corner of the city. Before Shicheng was flooded, 290,000 people were displaced from the place where their ancestors lived for 1,300 years.

Few people expect, deep below Thien Dao Lake was once a political and economic center of the region. Through the photos taken by the diving team, experts found that Su Thanh has a sophisticatedly carved architecture with many sculptures of lions, phoenixes, or ancient Chinese characters on the wall. According to National Geographic, when diving to a depth of 28m, the light can no longer shine here.

Lights equipped for divers are only capable of illuminating about 2 meters. In 2001, scientists accidentally discovered the remains of Khambhat ancient citadel on the seabed off the coast of Gujarat, India. The stone structures, carbon tests show that the crockery and woodwork found here are quite well preserved despite having passed for more than 9,500 years, the ice age ended.

If this estimate is correct, the ancient city of Khambhat is even older than the Mesopotamian city that originated in Mesopotamia – one of the first civilizations in human history that, according to legend, disappeared some time ago. 5000 years ago.It can be affirmed that this is one of the greatest underwater discoveries in human history.

After four years of searching, in 2000, a team of archaeologists, led by Dr. Frank Goddio, found the ancient citadel of Heracleion and Thonis, named after the hero Heracles, located 6 miles off the coast of Egypt. 4km and 9m deep under Aboukir Bay. In 2012, a team of Danish and German scientists successfully resurrected an ancient bacteria from a sediment located more than 28 meters below the Pacific Ocean.

Surprisingly, after 70-80,000 years, they are still alive despite being in a state of “hibernation”. And growing to this day. Being able to live in such a super-inhospitable environment, the discovery of this ancient superbug shows a high possibility of similar life forms in space.

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