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10 Mysterious Archaeological Sites You’ve Never Heard Of Dear friends and family, Archaeological sites are always an attractive destination for those who love to explore and learn about human history: In addition to places As famous as the pyramids of Thapki now eat heel crabs, the world is still full of unexplored or little-known places. It could be a mysterious fortress with superior construction methods and a lake-bottom city, a deadly island or a flag-printer’s water temple. What’s special about them? Let’s start the journey to discover these 10 mysterious and strange archaeological sites by pressing Nine to motivate your team of Nguoi Radio. Soon, come to the first discovery of Sato Gaia Castle No. 1. It was King Hung 7 Richard I of England who built this magnificent castle in the 12th century as a base for the war against the great French. In 1194, the king returned to England. After winning the Third Crusade in his absence, his younger brother had usurped the throne, so Richard had to go and reclaim the castles he had usurped. After regaining power in England, the king turned his attention to France.

In 1196, he built one of the most luxurious castles at that time on the Seh River, about 95 km from Paris. It is famous for its construction method that is superior to any castle in Europe, known as turning on Securlation. Accordingly, the castle has special openings so that rocks or things like hot cutting boiling water, quicklime or boiling oil can pour into the approaching attack below. Building a castle on French territory while fighting France was a bold move.

However, they did not win. Finally, in 1204, 6 years after the completion of Satogaia Castle, it was captured by King Philip 2 of France. Basically, King Richard built a castle for France for free. And it has changed hands many times over the centuries.

Destroyed in 1599 by French King Harry4su-2 The oasis town of Aul, Hung Thinh island in the South Arabian desert in the 13th century is a magnificent walled city with stone structures. fired bricks made from mud. The bricks were crammed together like a maze with low buildings. The city is so busy that one can run from side to side by jumping over rooftops. About 700 years ago, this place was a strategic location on the Silk Road that passed through Arabia, Tourists and Traders frequently passed through here. Contributing to its economy to grow rapidly and prosper.

The city was so important that even when the spice trade was gone and now isolated in the desert, it remained a functioning town until the 1980s, the only reason people left. This is because they abandoned the decaying mud structures to move to a newer town nearby, leaving Aula to gradually become the town of M Super, the city at the bottom of the lake.

The city of Kositop in Bulgaria was found thanks to the construction of a dam in 1948. It was once a mighty Terracian city and archaeologists knew it was a groundbreaking find, but there was nothing they could do to stop the dam’s construction. The entire city is now just a pile of rubble because it was submerged under 20 meters of water. Superlight was once the capital of Orion state in the 3rd century BC. It may have been built by King Taracias3 to serve as the center of power for his dynasty. This means that it is not a large Trading city with thousands of inhabitants.

Instead, it’s more of a royal town with lavish palaces and great cathedrals dedicated to Cabberry, the Racial gods. Most of the space inside the city is devoted to public buildings. Even city workers and court officials had to live outside in small settlements. Unfortunately, in 281 BC, the city was attacked by the Scarlet people and destroyed the 4 single country Inkami Sana.

The Ink people of Peru have a great devotion to water and this temple is a prime example of their advanced technique. It was built specifically for the god Viracocha, the god who created all things and the lord of the sea, The temple was discovered in the ancient city of Orland located at an altitude of 2774m above sea level, covered by clouds all year round. government. Despite the harsh weather conditions, with INK persisted here and built massive works.

Recently, during the rebuilding of the temple, University and Genia researchers were amazed at how the Inka people used their advanced understanding of hydraulic principles to design channels. water can create hydraulic jumps. Religious scholars believe that Ntrong is where the word Christian was born. The city dates back some 2,300 years and has endured through many empires, from a major trading center to its decline in the Middle Ages.

One of its most famous sites is the church of Saint Peter named after Jesus’ bodhisattva Saint Peter. This is one of the oldest churches in the world, built around the fourth century. Since then, It has been one of the pilgrimage sites of the To Huu period for nearly 1,600 years, Many parts of the structure are broken enough but it still stands.

Water seeping through the Cave Ceiling was also collected and used for christenings No. 6, 19th Century Farm. Recently, workers in Bonggermaryland County, USA accidentally discovered a 19th-century farmhouse while building a highway to catch it. It belonged to the family of a female slave named Mo Linda Jackson.

At first, they saw only traces of the main house and barn on a Farm Square several hectares wide. As they continued to dig, they were amazed when more than 160,000 other artifacts were found, from glass bottles, household items to children’s toys. All help us better understand the way families lived more than 200 years ago.

Interestingly, the researchers traced the descendants of people who used to live here. They still live in the area near the farm without even knowing It Used to Belong to Their Ancestors. It is only a pity that the archaeological site will not be preserved because the highway will soon pass through here and destroy it. No. 7 Temple of the Emerald Buddha Temple of the Emerald Buddha is one of the most incredible places in Bangkok, Thailand.

Inside the temple there is a 0.6 meter tall carved Buddha called Pharakillora 1,784 locals believe it brings prosperity to Thailand. Although the temple has only existed for nearly 3 centuries, the statue has been around for much longer. For hundreds of years, it has traveled through Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and across Asia to honor Buddha. When King Rama I ascended to the throne, he dropped the Thai capital from Areut Tigia to Bangkok and built a temple and kept the statue there for himself.

It is true that no one knows where the jade Buddha came from and who carved it. It was not carved from emerald but chiseled from a block of green amethyst. Collectibles: Elpl City The Apila Gun Sanctuary in Please is home to the ruined jungle city of Elpl. It’s Right On The Border Of Please And Guarimbala In Central America. It Used To Belong To The Mayan Empire And Was One Of The Largest Cities At That Time.

It has 25 squares, more than most cities in Europe, 12 pyramids, complexes and settlements of the highest classes of LQL society that have been damaged by thieves and robbers. illegal logging. Fortunately, it is now strictly conserved. It is the key to one of the burning questions that archaeologists have about the Mayan civilization, who are always trying to figure out how the Mayans were able to sustain such a huge population. such a giant without any trace of domesticated animals or means of transport.

They also do not try to change the forest, they depend on it and get back from the forest all that they need. EQD is indeed a jungle paradise, a sustainable city that could last almost forever if it had the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan number 9 Le Lu city. This city is located on the island of Tent in the Federation of Mycaronesia.

On that small piece of land, how Tribe leaders consolidated power and ruled their kingdoms in the South Pacific from 1250 until missionaries arrived in the 19th century. What is really impressive about the tent is that it is built mainly of three-chambered rock blocks and coral. The islanders built a complex system of walls and asphalt roads connecting more than 20 settlements during its peak. The island is home to about 1,500 people.

They are ruled by high-ranking chiefs who are currently buried bordering impressive pyramids. Although it is very likely that the inhabitants of the island have heard of Egypt, they perform burial rituals in the style of the Egyptians, which is both interesting and confusing.

However, the archipelago has a very long history of suffering from human exploitation and destruction. Before Europeans arrived here, the indigenous people believed that this was the residence of the spirits of the dead who discovered this archipelago in 1579. They kill about 1,500 seals a year for their removal and meat so that by the time they leave here, the seagulls have almost completely disappeared.

It was not until 1996 that the Northern Badminton Sea began to resettle in the archipelago, not yet, from 1946 to 1970, the surrounding sea was also used as a landfill for radioactive waste, causing the water to be polluted. serious. The archipelago today may be home to a number of seabird species, but it is also littered with the ruins of mining stations, shipwrecks and tin cans. So we have just discovered 10 mysterious archaeological sites in the world.

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