Super Speed Brick Blocker and 6 Amazing Machines Invented

Hello dear viewers of Cha La channel 2k and today we will meet again in the next video. Let’s wait and see what interesting content will appear in today’s video. You know, the crochet machine is an extremely effective means of labor, helping us a lot in labor and production.

And every day new machines are born. People without technology are extremely advanced and modern. And not only possessing strength and the ability to work efficiently. We are becoming more and more intelligent with the ability to work independently without human control.

And the following machines that Cha stone 2k introduce to you are new and unique that not everyone has the opportunity to see with their own eyes.

With the efficiency of the work they undertake, it must be said that it is extremely great and won’t let you wait long, right now, let’s go with Cha 2k to explore the modern and advanced video about a home, they are considered as great innovative inventions that increase labor productivity many times over. And don’t forget before entering the video, please click the Subscribe Channel button in the right corner of the screen to always be the audience to update the latest and most attractive videos from our Tra Da or CA channel.

The monster machine that plays the Manor of the Brick every minute: The Indian company SAPCE pre-launches a super-fast brick machine capable of producing 300 bricks per minute. This property does not save a lot of time and labor of our people, this fast brick making machine is called bm300 and you are dubbed the brick monster.

Each row of fresh bricks is gently released by the machine into straight rows off and for the production of bricks from dry clay, which is directly floated by the excavator and in the rear. After that, the process of releasing water for kneading takes place inside the Co Quan V-app machine on the wheel, which has the function of creating a mold for the side.

As the wheel rotates, the excess clay is removed from the bricks which are pushed out by gravity, the mold in contact with the ground leaves behind a long line of Perfect and Straight Bricks The damp bricks are left to dry in the sun until when solidified and then will be put into the kiln to create finished bricks. This machine is used a lot in South Asian countries where the climate is hot. Drying bricks with direct sunlight will reduce a lot of costs compared to using an industrial dryer.

However, casting bricks with direct sunlight will take more time as well as require a rather large space, the cutting machine. Everything is only 1 water bill. Water can cut concrete and steel. Can you believe it or not? It is difficult for anyone to imagine and that soft water can penetrate steel and Be E Thang Tri Nuoc can still cut and shape hard materials such as electric spark and laser massage machines. and plasma beam. Why can’t water do that?

This is a method of machining by hydrodynamics, also known as pre-water, that is, the water jet is created at extremely high pressure to uncut and damage other materials by an extremely high pressure system. from scientists has come up with a hydrodynamic machining machine that acts as an extremely sharp saw, cutting a wide range of materials without generating pre-water heat used to cut materials under pressure. capacity from 100 to 620 MP3. The speed of water jet is large edema from 400 to 1,000 m per second. It can cut steel, stainless steel, concrete with extremely high precision.

To help shorten the construction time of thick and hard objects, some other extremely fine substances have been mixed into the water to make the leveling process faster. This cold switch machining method does not restrict anyone to the material to be machined. It can cut really long up to 20 inches which is about 50.8cm 6S. In countries with large forest areas, especially in hilly and swampy areas, logging and transporting timber are very difficult.

That’s why an industrial machine factory in Finland, Lossless, has built a monster machine that can operate in an extremely harsh environment. Unloading and transporting tens of tons of fresh wood and climbing passes and wading streams. Cross the swamps with ease that other conventional trucks can’t do. Like6s is an innovative trailer with 8 powerful and precise large wheels. Trusted party. It is equipped with a Diesel engine with a capacity of 290 horsepower, not too powerful but strong enough to help it overcome the E fish easily. High ground clearance along with 4 rear wheels covered with chains ensure the ability to stay on rough surfaces through muddy Plains.

With the characteristics of logging and transporting timber, it is equipped with a rear crane. Making wood peeling easier, the spacious cabin provides comfort and unobstructed visibility for the driver. Previously, when it rained, the mornings became muddy and the logging faced many difficulties. Sometimes it was necessary to stop, but now thanks to this wonderful machine, logging and transporting wood in the muddy forests has become much easier and more convenient.

To be able to generate strong enough suction, this machine is equipped with a steel fan with a diameter of up to 81cm. With a fairly large one, the Special can hold 5.5 leaves after being compressed. This amount can be increased or decreased depending on the moisture content of the leaves. In addition to the ability to suck fallen leaves, this Special machine is also used to suck corpses or suckers. Snow where you have many versions with different sizes depending on the needs and purposes of use. Modular construction for how it can be disassembled for easy assembly on trucks and is usually quite simple in construction.

But it must be extremely difficult and takes a lot of time and effort to be young, so people have built this wonderful woodworking machine. The French company’s wood sawing machine uses a pressure pump also to push the block of wood through the iron frame, turning it into many small pieces. This is a giant deflate machine built by the French machine equipment company Cornell About. The Machine Using Hydraulic Pump To Cut Large Logs Called Giants.

The Firewood Engines But With You, the size is quite neat and balanced and can move flexibly like a car. The operation of this machine is also very simple.

With this machine, cutting and sawing wood will become much easier. Eating the automatic grass wrapper is as fast as receiving poison. Packed prey in large and small farms, after being harvested, are wrapped in large blocks. Then Cover with cloth to preserve. If not, it takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why don’t look for things to stay. Germany has created a machine that can filter Grass blocks very quickly, neatly and extremely firmly.  Thanks to that, packing all the big grass-like blocks became much easier and more efficient.

Before the operation of this machine, many people were surprised and thought that the designers got the idea based on the act of wrapping the body of the prey, a habit commonly found in spiders that hunt with silk. large blocks of grass. After being lifted up, this machine will be placed on shoulder cylinders, and these cylinders rotate, causing the grass block to rotate with the fall. The smart wrapping system will wrap around the stretchy nylon grass block in layers depending on the time the fan is removed. Each block of grass after being poisoned is wrapped around a lot of wet until it is satisfactory.

For now, say hello and see you in the next videos.

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