Laser Herbicide and 6 Machines is the World’s Greatest Invention!

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Did you know that today in developed countries, all jobs from construction, manufacturing to harvesting agricultural products can increase labor productivity by tens or even hundreds of times thanks to effective support. of modern machines with extremely advanced technology.

By integrating modern technologies, we humans can do jobs that were previously thought impossible. If only using human labor and daily, there are many models of machines that are born. Each of these machines has outstanding advantages that can replace the labor of dozens of workers in heavy tasks, from which people can get closer to the future of automation completely. whole. An era where machines completely replace humans to perform everyday tasks.

And right now, don’t let you wait long, let’s go with Iced Tea Hay QA to the next things. Modern machines have been gradually replacing how efficiently we humans work. And Don’t Forget Before Entering the Video Please Click the Subscribe Button for the Channel to not miss the Latest and Most Exciting Videos from our 2K Cach Cha La. Yes, machines that cut the ground and uproot trees in minutes.

The company’s tree blaster, which uses a large arc-shaped blade to quickly cut the earthen mass surrounding the tree stump. When we see this machine working to press a green tree, we certainly don’t know how to laugh at the thought of a spoon equal to cream soup. This machine, built by Karihome EX, has a fairly modest travel speed of about 7km h, but in return, it can stand a green tree in just a few minutes.
The eyebrow has a fairly simple structure, an iron arc-shaped blade and the task of sharing the soil around the base of the tree to form a round and cool soil. There are many versions depending on the size and size of the roots.
After sharing the potting soil, this arc-shaped vegetable ceremony will be pulled down to the bottom of the pot to raise the whole tree.

Watch Movie The Knife Blade is quite small, can’t cover all the soil, so when moving the tree for a long distance, the soil distribution may be broken. Therefore, people used cloth to cover the potting soil to ensure that the plants around them could grow and develop well. Miss Reader is a self-propelled weed killer robot, also known as an automatic weed killer.

It can clear six whole farmland in one day, yielding 20 times higher than humans. Having this smart guy is able to distinguish weeds from plants or seeds and then it will use money and high capacity to destroy them without harming land resources, which is state property. Weeds are one of the factors affecting crop yield. Weeding by hand takes a lot of time and effort.

Herbicides are harmful to the environment and our health. Therefore, the introduction of this robot weed killer will be of great help to Arsenal Twitter automatic lawn sprayer, which works fully automatically, eliminating dependence on manual labor. It is equipped with up to 12 high-resolution cameras and allows automatic ground scanning. A computer powered by artificial intelligence helps her to pinpoint weeds and the lasers will wipe them out without affecting the plants.

This Automatic Cauliflower can remove more than 100,000 weeds per hour, equivalent to 6 to 8 hectares a day, 20 times higher than the average of us. What’s more special is that this machine works day and night and after running through an underground, it will automatically turn around in the open ground and continue the job with the next SLG900, the machine that creates bridges.

This machine allows people to assemble bridges in extremely difficult terrain, but efficiently and safely. I am a j900 with a mass of 580 tons, a shoulder of 92m and it is almost the length of a standard football field, height is 9m, the speed of movement without carrying concrete beams is 8 km per hour, and when moving closer to the concrete, its travel speed is 5 km per hour.

The g900 S-spanning machine will carry two dozen tons of concrete along with it, lift it and place it in the correct position or connect the pillars together. It can work in difficult terrain such as two-leaf valleys, extremely dangerous ravines. In F2 moving in is equipped with 64 wheels that make it possible to operate over a range of up to 92m.

This is enough to allow it to create a bridge with 3 pillars of a route. In addition, the wheels are also divided into 4 combinations, and each group can rotate 90 degrees horizontally. This special structure helps the whole machine move flexibly horizontally and can lift up and down vertically depending on the requirements of the job. The fld900 machine was put into use in 2015 to help speed up construction time and reduce installation costs.

Bridge spans are down to only a third of what they were before I Rap10 Tree Pruning Machines Round Like Balloons We Always Enjoyed With Machines capable of doing heavy and dangerous jobs that humans can’t.

The machine just does the right thing is to trim the tree to round like a ball. Z10 is a product from the company Online, the machine whose sole function is to prune small shrubs to a perfect circle so that the tree is not a simple job, making it a perfect circle is even more tiring. than. But the 10th grade can do this quickly, the results are good. Free of charge, these machines are only used in industry when they need to be great in large quantities. However, the design is somewhat monotonous but the hat looks good but quickly draws each bush into the Perfect shape. And can make even experienced gardeners fall in awe. The machines remove 100 stumps every hour.

But it laughs and mixes with the soil to form a useful organic part for plants. This stump-destroying machine called Rotor Pump Rider was developed by a technology company in Italy with an engine capacity of 350 horsepower. This Machine can remove stumps up to 1.2 m in diameter in less than 1 minute and it is installed on the body of the tractor with a large drill head facing the ground. On the body of this drill are attached 2 large knives and when working, the drill will go deep into the lower part of the tree, pull the blade around and cut the stump into a piece.

This process continues until the flat stump is completely destroyed. Yes do you believe?
All of these processes take place in less than 50 seconds. The mahogany part of the stump will be mixed with the soil by the machine to form a natural organic fertilizer and help improve the soil. With this wonderful machine, we can remove 100 stumps within 1 hour, dozens of times if we only use human labor.

This super-speed excavator is developed by another company Transfers1. She has 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and using slicers in Spain, the digging unit of this monster machine is designed in the form of a crawler with tops capable of breaking hard soil. , concrete and soft rock, which conventional excavators cannot do.

In addition to digging, this machine is also capable of sucking the soil that has been dug and filled directly through the pipe into the truck on the side or discharged at the side of the trench being excavated. This machine moves by crawler and can dig trenches from 1.5 to 5.5 m wide. This monster machine is designed to specialize in digging trenches, digging canals, oil and gas pipelines.

Ideal for underground fiber optic cable installations. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and for your 2k support. We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions so that we can produce more attractive videos. And leave a comment below this video to let us know. Don’t forget to press the subscribe button and click on the general icon next to it in the right corner of the screen to update the latest videos of Tra Hay K channel. For now, hello and see you in the next videos. follow.

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