Iron Giant7 Scary Ghost Ship Drifting On The Sea No Country Dare To Accept

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Although all the myths about the sea and mysterious phenomena are more or less untrue, the story of ghost ships continues to spread, with countless scary speculations and horrifying obsessions.

Do you believe in the existence of the spiritual world?

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While a few people think that ghost ships are not real, the majority believe that among the rumors that have been woven in the same years, there are secrets related to supernatural things that the This ghost ship is still holding hairs on the back of many people’s hairs.

Decades have passed, these ghost ships are still floating at sea, carrying their own secrets into the ocean.

And 7 ghost ships that the admin introduces right after will make you shiver because of the story that revolves around them.

Now let’s come to the video of 7 creepy and scary ghost ships drifting.

No one country dares to accept 7.

Jian Seng.

First, at number 7, is a ghost ship called Jian Seng.

Ghost ship stories are always mysterious, although these stories do not even have a clear content, but this is what makes it even more interesting: make the colors of the ghost ships stand out even more.

In 2006, the Australian Coastwatch helicopter found discovered a boat drifting 180km in Carpentaria Bay in South West Weipa, Queensland, the ship.

Many people think because the ship broke the rope and was swept away by the current.

That is the reason why the ship was empty.

But that is all that has been investigated so far.

Apart from the name Jian Seng printed on the side of the ship, there are no other clues to identify this ship.

Australian investigations have shown that no distress signal has been emitted and there are no documents or documents.

What country’s report on the ship’s disappearance?

Even investigators cannot know the owner or origin of this ship.

It does not seem to be within the understanding and control of humans.

6- Medan Ourang.

The scary ghost ship in position 6 is Medan Ourang.

In the 40s of the last century there were a lot of ghost ship deaths.

One of those cases was the Dutch ship Ourang Medana.

The story took place in 1947, some British radar stations located in Singapore and Sumatra island, Indonesia, received a distress call from the Dutch cargo ship Ourang Medan Lan with the content: “Sos… Sos are all dead… I’m the only one left alive”.

A moment later the signal was resumed, but there was only one sentence: “I am going to die” and everything ended In the immediate silence.

Search and rescue operations were established and the ship was eventually found 80 kilometers from the last signal source in the Gulf of Malacca.

Guess what happened to the ship ship Surely you will not believe that the terrifying sight that two American lifeboats saw was the captain collapsed in the cockpit.

The crew died scattered on the ship.

All of them had in common wide eyes and a blank, scared face, as if he had just encountered something very scary.

But the furniture, property and other valuables were not stolen.

No one knows what happened on the ship.

With many, It is theorized that the mysterious deaths of the crew aboard the Medan Ourang are related to paranormal activities or an alien invasion, and that ‘s when the Ourang Medan became one of the famous ghost ships and the most mysterious in history.

5. Kaz Ii.

Next on this list, at number 5, is the ghost ship Kaz Ii, also known as the ghost yacht, Floating off the northern coast of Australia on April 18. /2007.

Kaz Ii left the coast of Airlie 3 days earlier, But the silence of the immense sea made man’s question about the change.

The loss of three sailors has been described as strange.

Until now there is no answer.

Officials say the yacht is still intact.

The machinery is operating normally.

What is more frightening is that on the yacht, a set of tea cups, food and drinks, Food and cutlery are laid out on the table.

A laptop is on and the engine is still running.

The ship’s alarm system, including radio and Gps, is confirmed to be normal and the number of life jackets on board is still intact.

But the only thing that can’t be found saw 3 people on the ship.

According to the report from the rescue force, the bed on the ship was still warm.

It seemed that someone had just laid there, but in the ship only silence and silence could be seen.

So where did the people on the train go?

10 planes have been deployed in search operations, but all are in vain.

Hypothetical scenarios put forward by cryptographers suggest the crew will be attacked by giant sea animals like squid, But no one can explain why.

If there is an attack, all the things on the ship will stay in place, like the people on the ship are dissolved into the air.

How do you explain this?


Baychimo Number 4 is Baychimo, a ghost ship that has been floating at sea for more than 3 decades, but no one dares to come near it because the story revolves around it like a ghost movie produced by Hollywood October 1931 and the last time it was seen in 1969.

The story of the ghost ship Baychimo is still one of the greatest mysteries in world maritime history, is Ss Angermanelfven, built in 1914 in Switzerland, A giant, 1,332-ton armored and steam-powered ship.

Baychimo, whose mission is to transport goods from Hamburg to Sweden and back.

Baychimo became famous after crossing the Northwest Sea, Canada’s harsh conditions.

However, in 1931 the ship got stuck between two large icebergs off the coast of Alaska.

Nearly 2 months later the ship disappeared without a trace and the rescue team stopped the search because they thought it.

The ship sank into the sea.

A few days later an Eskimos found the ship nearby On.

The ship continued to move even without a driver, and then disappeared.

Since then the Baychimo has been floating at sea, but anyone who sees it and tries to approach it, the weather will immediately turn bad.

Rumor has it that the ship has caused many people to die when trying to get on it.

3. Carroll A Deering.

The number 3 position in the 7 scariest ghost ships that no country dares to admit is Carroll A Deering.

Ship, built in 1919, has five long masts.

It was a beautiful schooner but had a short life of only two years.

In 1921, while on cargo duty she ran aground in Cape Hatteras.

North The Carolina area has long been famous for many shipwrecks.

The strange thing is that, although the ship was not wrecked, when the rescue team reached the ship, all 11 crew members were missing human form, while all personal belongings and 2 lifeboats also disappeared without a trace.

Where did they go, while the kitchen- the food prepared for the next day’s meal- was still intact?

This made Carroll A Deering one of the most labor-intensive maritime mysteries in history.

It is said the disappearance of the crew in connection with the Bermuda Triangle, where hundreds of ships had gone unreturned.

The final investigation ended at the end of 1922, without an official answer as to Deering’s fate.

The disappearance of the crew of Carroll A Deering has become one of the long-standing mysteries of the sea, so far with no reasonable explanation.


Chinese ghost ship.

In the waters of Binh Thuan of Vietnam in In 2016, La Gi fisherman discovered a strange ghost ship.

From the symbols on the hull of the ghost ship, it was identified that it came from Hainan province, China.

The ship was named Quynh Lam Ngu, ship number 19007.

When discovered, the ship was in a state of rusted shell, many broken windows, peeling paint.

The ship was many times larger than the fishing boats of fishermen in the contested areas.

The ship’s equipment was all broken, there was no fishing gear, the winch pier was broken and there was no anchor On the ship.

There were 12 rooms for the crew, but there was not a single human figure on the ship and could not be found.

The documents relating to people and vehicles on deck and hull showed no traces of bullets, blood splashes or other marks, so the possibility that the ship encountered pirates could be ruled out.

So where did the ship come from?

How long has it been at sea Or the disappearance of the crew is one of countless questions raised about the strange drift at sea of ​​the ghost ship.

While the Binh Thuan province’s functional forces contacted the Chinese side to confirm, Determining the owner of the ship also yielded no results.


The Flying Dutchman.

Last on the list at number 1 is the ghost ship called The Flying Dutchman.

In maritime folklore, the Flying Dutchman – Flying Dutchman, The Dutchman is the ship that left the most profound influence, inspiring countless works of art, from paintings, movies, books to musicals, poetry.

Surely those who have seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, part 2 and 3 have heard of the Flying Dutch-man.

The truth: this ship was around in the 17th century, captained by Van Staaten.

In 1641,, the ship encountered a great storm at the Cape of Good Hope.

Despite its position, The captain tried his best to steer the ship in the hope of bringing his crew safely through the storm, but all his efforts failed, was buried by the sea and all the people on board died in that accident.

What is scary is that before his death, Captain Van Staaten shouted an oath that he would return to this cape, even if it was at sea until Day the apocalypse.

Since then, ships, when going to the Cape of Good Hope area, often see the Flying Dutch-man appear in the middle of the open sea to guide other ships, causing them to run out of water storm, with the red-eyed captain and the sailor’s screams before death.

According to legend, the appearance of the ship is a harbinger of death.

Today, the Flying Dutchman is the subject of many works of art, horror stories, movies and musicals.

Comment below the name of the ghost ship that you find the scariest.

Try to be a scientist and explain the existence of these ships.

Leave an explanation.

Let everyone know in the comments.

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