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Forest tiller UOT-3000, A new one needs to be grown in place of the felled forest.

To do this, it is necessary to prepare the soil, uproot and chop up the stumps left after the work of the harvester.

A forest cutter is like a garden cultivator or a lawn mower mulcher, only much more powerful.

The 140 cm disc weighs 3 tons and is driven by a hydraulic motor that pumps 100 liters of oil per minute.

Cucumber “harvester”, The harmonious combination of automation and manual labor, is seriously used in some countries, including Belarus.

Cucumbers grow very densely and walking along the beds can damage the plant.

Lying on a moving platform, pickers pick cucumbers and place them on a conveyor belt.

However, there are also automated cucumber harvesters processing up to 10 hectares per day.

Forwarder- John Deere 1210e Truck.

The forwarder is combined with a harvester.

It collects the finished assortments (parts of the trunks) and takes them to the timber road or warehouse.

The self-propelled machine, built according to the articulated scheme, consists of a loading manipulator and a cargo trolley.

The John Deere 1210e forwarder can take on board up to 13 tons of timber.

Leveling rotating cab and closed-loop hydraulics assist the operator during the job.

Gas jet (wind) machines.

Snow is not the only winter problem for the airports, Ice is no less dangerous.

One of the ways to remove ice from a strip is to use a machine for runway de-icing (Mrd), a truck with gas turbine engines installed in the bed or on a trailer directing hot exhaust to the strip cover.

Metso Lokotrack Lt200 Mobile Crusher.

The mechanism of this world’s largest jaw crusher that weights 800 tons and Soon will start its work in one of the copper mines of Altai Polymetals (Karaganda region, Kazakhstan) is capable of chewing stones up to 1.2 m in size, grinding 2,500 tons of ore per hour.

Euro-Maus 4 cleaning loader.

The picking system of this sugar beet loading machine is 10.2m wide.

The flexible conveyor unloads the cleaned piles into the dump truck at a distance of 15 m, while the stability of the structure is supported by a counterweight arm that extends 9 m in the opposite direction When folded.

When driving on roads, the dimensions of the machine do not exceed the size of a conventional truck.

Fire unmanned gun Luf 60.

The water cannon Luf 60 has not only an original look but also remarkable abilities.

It spits out 400 liters of water or foam per minute at a distance of up to 60 m. In addition, thanks to the tracked base, the robot can climb stairs and ramps.

The vehicle is controlled remotely and its main vocation is to pave the way for fire brigades threw the narrow aisles of burning buildings.

Fire lift: Bronto Skylift F 112 Hla.

Another skyscraper fire fighter is the Finnish Bronto Skylift F 112 Hla.

It is the world’s tallest telescopic fire lift, with a jib height of 112 m, and the platform, equipped with everything necessary for fire extinguishing, can be at a height of 90 m with a jib of 25 m. If a fire hose is connected to a jib, the water jet can reach even a greater height.

Tracked Transporter.

The monstrous self-propelled platform supported by four tracked carts was built in only two copies for the sole purpose of moving Saturn rockets and space shuttles, together with carriers, from the assembly and test complex to the launch.

Complex Machine weight – 2400 tons.

Each track – about 900..

Maximum speed with a load is up to – 3 km / H. Fire platform MVF-5.

To entrust the firefighting to unmanned vehicles is an obvious idea.

Mvf-5 is an example of a generic platform.

The machine is equipped with a water cannon (water is taken from a hydrant or an external mobile tank), a grab and a blade for raking up debris.

The main task of the MVF-5 is to extinguish fires at facilities with an increased risk of explosion or leakage of toxic substances.

Harvester on Kaiser S2 chassis.

The harvester is an intelligent machine that not only knocks down timber but also immediately dismembers the trunks into individual assortments for various industrial needs (planks, plywood, paper).

In this case, the harvester head is mounted on a Kaiser S2, a unique walking pneumatic wheel excavator capable of navigating the most difficult terrain, right up to steep mountain slopes.

Tree spreader- Dutchman Truck Spade.

To move a large tree from the forest to the city, you do not need a team of workers with shovels.

The huge knives of the tree transplant literally pierce the soil in one movement, hugging the large-scale device along with the entire root system.

Like a flower pot.

In this “pot”, the tree, together with its native soil, is transported to a new place where it is just as easy to plant: in a hole carefully dug by the same transplant.

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