Giant Excavator Assembly Process – Amazing Huge Excavator Assembled

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6040 shovel, one of the eldest brothers of the Caterpillar family, ordered by San Martin, Peru’s largest mining company, was brought to this mine where it will work in its new home in pieces with 12 trucks, Ferreyros Perú, Peru’s main dealer of Caterpillar, handled the transport and assembly.

Ferreyros Perú started to assemble the Cat 6040 shovel, which it brought with great care, with its fully professional team and machinery infrastructure.

It is a process that requires patience and strength to assemble this machine, which will turn into a 400-ton giant when completed.

For this, mobile cranes- which can also be called large- are used.

You monitor the production processes.

After the assembly of the lower undercarriage, the turntable and the upper body are mounted.

Before the hydraulic connections are made, the slots with the moving parts are lubricated.

You monitor the production processes Gradually.

Now the Cat 6040 started to show itself.

The bucket of the assembled Cat 6040 takes approximately 40 tons of load at full fill.

As such, it can fill a mining truck with a load of 400 tons in 10 buckets.


This gigantic machine is powered by two 16-cylinder 1550KW Cat C32 diesel engines.

One of the features of these engines is that, even if one of them fails, Cat6040 continues to work with the other with a performance of 65%.

Thus the work is not interrupted.

Moreover, it allows the excavator to be taken to the service area.

This is a very important detail for those working on the construction site.

Since all parts of the Cat6040 are modular, assembly is done in Lego logic.

This makes transactions both faster and easier.

Even with such a technological infrastructure, it takes about 2 weeks to assemble this giant and make it work.

As the excavator is assembled, its Majesty is revealed.

The speed in the work of this 400-ton iron pile is astonishing.

It can transfer 4000 tons of load per hour from one place to another.

The Cat 6040 can handle approximately 240 million tons of payload during its economic life.

After all the connections are made and the engine and hydraulic system fluids are completed, the test phase is started.

Cabin indicators and general operating performance of the construction equipment are followed in parallel with the completion of the modules.

At this stage, the shovel, which is perhaps the most important part of the Cat 6040, is mounted.

All moving hydraulic parts on the bucket arm are meticulously connected to the shovel, Controlled by the tracking systems on the machine.

The Cat6040 is now ready for duty.

Being tracked and powered by diesel engines gives it flexibility in the construction site.

It can easily go to the desired mining site on its own.

In all its glory and Majesty, the Cat 6040 confidently moves forward to its mission To bring a lot of profit to its owner.

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